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Distillation Station has remained #1 in quality vended drinking water since 1976. Most profitable vending business available.....

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Over 40 yrs. of experience and research…

The shocking truth about water and its relationship to health is revealed in this extremely provocative expose. The choice is clear!

  • What is distilled water?
  • Is it safe to drink?
  • Is distilled water healthy?
  • Do we need the minerals found in water?

Distillation Station’s # 1 rated products…

As a proud owner of the #1 rated water vending…you will be marketing additional products that will enhance and promote distilled water sales.

  • Liquid minerals, vitamins and protein
  • water distillers and water coolers
  • CO2 Gas Station and natural flavorings
  • 5-3 gal. water bottles and pumps

A new trend and profit stream…distilled!

Learn why retail businesses prefer Distillation Station over a regular water vending machine and why return on investment cannot be surpassed.

  • 100% profit on vended water
  • 4 -6 month ROI
  • aids in increased store merchandise sales
  • additional profit over and above water sales


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 What Is In The Water You Drink, Do You Even Know?

Most people do not have a clue of exactly what is in the water they drink nor the relationship it has with their bodies health. They simply, blindly believe what the advertiser tells them without conducting their own research. This is sad since water has the greatest influence on our health and longevity.

Example: If you drink the trendy VOSS water imported in a fancy glass bottle, you may not be aware that it is simply H2O plus something, just like any other water on earth. The question is, plus what? …and what are you actually paying per ounce or “shot glass?”

If it contains minerals…

  • Regardless of whether your mineral water is from the Alps, a Rocky Mountain spring or from the stream or well in your back yard, most of these minerals are inorganic, not ionic or chelated.
  • These minerals cannot be utilized or absorbed by the cells and consequently contribute to kidney stones, gall stones and especially plaque in the colon which Dr. Charles Mayo, founder of the Mayo Clinic says is the greatest cause for most diseases related to the colon and the hardness or minerals found in water.
  • The incredible statistics show that 1 out of three adults over 55 get colon cancer!
  • Our body needs ionic trace mineral found in fruits, nuts and vegetables, not our water. besides, it there are minerals in the water your drinking, rest assured there are other substances also, some of which can be hazardous to your health.

Is the water your drinking imported or merely trendy and fashionable?

  • Have you actually been duped into believing a particular water is healthy or are you simply attempting to impress your friend or peers?

Have you ever asked yourself what could possible be in the water your drinking that would compel you to pay 18 cents per ounce (shot glass) or $23.00 per gallon. That is what you are paying for water in a glass bottle imported from Norway! I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you.

You say, I would never be so stupid as to spend $23.00 a gallon for a water like VOSS, I’m smarter than that, I buy SMART WATER! Oh, you do? Well then you should know that SMART WATER is over $5.00 per gallon and is simply distilled water with 5 cents worth of minerals added?

FACT: You can buy a gallon of distilled water from Walmart for 88 cents and add 25 cents worth of liquid trace minerals and instantly make your water “smart” for 1/5th the cost of SMART WATER.

STOP  paying for a fancy name or packaging and simply buy the most clean, pure healthy water on earth, Distilled Water- plain o’l H2O and then add the best ionic or trace minerals available or pure natural fruit flavoring yourself for just pennies a serving.


What Are You Paying Per Ounce For Your Drinking Water?

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Coca-Cola’s “Dasani” bottled water under fire from consumer groups over tap water source…

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